Rail System Consultancy and Counselling Services

Tramway Systems
Light Rail Systems
Commuter Lines
High Speed Train Systems
Train Station, Station Buildings
Depot, Workshop, Operation and Maintenance Facilities

Highways and Engineering Structures Consultancy Services

Highways and State Roads
Bridges (Pre-Stressed Girder, Post-Tensioning, Cable-Stayed, Segmental Deck Slab)
Viaducts and Tunnels
Geotechnical Design of Engineering Structures

Rail System Vehicle Consultancy

Production, Type, FAT and SAT Tests
Vehicle Design and Equipment
Signalization and Communication Tests
System Integrations and Interfaces
Trial Operation Tests with/without Passengers
Commercial Operation Consulting
Performance Evaluation
Preparation of Vehicle Technical Specifcations and Tender Documents

Rail System Engineering

Production, Tip, FAT and SAT Testing
Subway Projects
Light Rail Transportation System Projects
High Speed Train Transportation System Projects
Tramway Projects
Electro-Mechanical Projects
Rail System Depot Projects

Highways and Engineering Structures

Production, Tip, FAT and SAT Testing
Highway and State Road Projects
Interchange Projects
Bridge, Viaduct and Tunnel Projects
Traffic and Safety Projects
Drainage and Infrastructure Projects
Hydraulic, Geological and Geotechnical Projects
Expropriation Projects
Technical Specifcation and Tender Document Reports

Transportation Services Engineering

Entire City Transportation Master Plans
Transportation and Traffic Engineering Projects
Urban Mass Transport Planning
Transportation Systems Feasibility Studies